How to Play Word Scatter

The goal of Word Scatter is to find words in a game board made up of randomly scattered letters. Each word will give you points based on the letters in the word and the amount of letters it has. Finding a word that is not seen as a real word will result in a 10 point penalty. The higher your final score the better. And if plying with others the one with the highest end score wins.

Single Player:

You may choose to play by your self or with any number of friends in the same room as you.

If playing by your self simply choose your game settings and when the game starts click the letters to make up words and hit submit for each word you find. When the game is over it will tell you your final score.

If playing with friends you should each have a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil to write down the words you find on your own sheet. Be sure to hide it from your friends so they can't see what you found. When the game is over show your words to your friends and cross off any words that were found by someone else. Then with the remaining words on your lists type each persons list into the word box on the right one list at a time and only one word per line. Click "Get Score" to see that players score. Compare each players score. The player with the highest score wins.

Multi Player:

First you need to create a new game room. This can be done by clicking the "Multi Player" link at the top of every page. This page will ask you the following:
- Your nickname (used for the chat box)
- How long each game will last in minutes and seconds (usually 3min/2sec)
- Your desired "refresh rate" based on the power the computer you are using

After all that is filled in and submitted you will be taken to your new game room. Then you need to invite people to play with you. To invite people to your room you can either copy and paste the join URL into a IM or email program for them to follow or click the "invite" button and enter their and your email addresses to automatically send them an invite. The join page will request their username and preferred "refresh rate".

Once you have people in your room with you you can start the game by clicking the "Click here to start" link. Only the room creator may start the first game. To select letters to make up your words simply click the letters in the correct order to spell out the word. See the "Game Rules" on the right for more specific information on how to choose valid letters and words. The longer the word the more points it is worth. Also some letters are worth more than others. All vowels are worth 1 point while the rest are given different amounts of points based on their difficulty to make words out of. Once you have a word chosen simply click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the game board to submit it and and get your points.

When each game is over the game board will hide and show each players found words (including points for each) and their final score for the game. The game timer will be replaced with a "Begin a new game" link that can be clicked by any player to start a new game.

Game Rules
  • Words must be real English words to count.
  • Words that are not in our library (of over 265,000 words) will result in a 10 point penalty.
  • Words must be made up of letters that are touching each other on the game board.
  • Letters chosen for a word can be either all diagonal or all straight (up, down, left, right all count as straight). Zigzagging is allowed.
  • Letters chosen for a word can do not have to be in reading order. As long as you click the letters in the order to spell out the word correctly it will count.
  • If the word has been found by another player nobody else will get points for it.
  • If you enter a word wrong or need to erase it there is a button next to the submit word button to do this.

Valid Word Pattern Example #1:

Valid Word Pattern Example #2:

Invalid Word Pattern Example #1: